How to Drive Traffic to Your Business Blog: Hire a Business Blogging Service

According to a survey done by Hubspot, those businesses that have a blog see 55% more web traffic than those that don’t. Given that they are relatively inexpensive and can bring in significantly more visitors to a site, it is no wonder why business blogs has become as huge. Blogs can not only bring in new leads but encourage those who do visit you to come back again. While many people accept the fact that blogs help to generate leads, not everyone knows how this is achieved. If you find that you fall into this group, don’t worry, we will clarify everything for you. Let’s take a look at what factors are involved with improving web traffic and how a business blogging service can build upon them.

The Search Engine Optimization Factor

How it helps: Statistically speaking, the chances of your site being clicked on if it isn’t on the first few pages of a web search are pretty low. In fact, not being in the top 10 can dramatically reduce your chances of getting clicked on. Blogs help to improve your search engine ranking by having content that appeals to web crawlers (the programs that a search engine uses to match a search with relevant content). The sort of things that the crawlers look for are: relevant keywords, blog length, blog format, and the quality of the blog.

How a Blogging Service can improve it: The biggest way to get a web crawlers attention is with strong keywords. In order to get these keywords you need a professional who can find what the hot keywords are for your industry as well as pick which specific ones will gain you the most exposure. Experts play a balancing game of determining which keywords are too general and which ones are too specific to help with visibility. When they are too general you can easily be pushed to the hundredth, or even thousandth page in a search. If they are too specific the crawler won’t pick you up at all.

The Social Media Factor

How it helps: Social media is becoming increasingly important in driving blog traffic. A good percentage of our total internet activity is spent on social media sites, and linking your blog with these sites is essential to finding new leads. Brief content can be posted on these channels that peeks your followers interest and encourages them to follow your links back to your blog. Also, whenever someone Likes or Retweets your blog post they are endorsing your content and sending it out for others to read, increasing your exposure.

How a Blogging Service can improve it: First off, a business blogging service markets your blog through your social media channels. This lets your social media followers know that you have new content to check out and brings them to your site. Second, when you have great, professionally written content, your readers are more likely to share that content with others.

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